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Dead and wounded in a new “terrorist” attack on the London Bridge

Several people were injured in a “terrorist” stabbing attack on the London Bridge, while police announced the death of a suspect wearing “fake” explosives. The BBC said two men were killed in the incident, which was classified as a terrorist.

LONDON, Nov 29 (Reuters) – British police on Friday killed a man tying fake explosives around his waist and stabbed several people in an incident she described as a terrorist attack in the London Bridge area of ​​the capital . Police said they had been notified by 2 pm of a stabbing incident near the London Bridge, which saw a bloody attack by Islamist militants two years ago..

Two people were killed on Friday when a man stabbed several people with a knife at the London Bridge, the BBC reported, quoting unnamed sources. The media channel gave no further details.

“Armed officers from London City Police Special Operations opened fire on a man and I can confirm that the suspect died at the scene,” said Neil Basu, the UK’s counter-terrorism police chief. “A number of people were injured during the incident. We believe the thing that was attached to the body of the suspect was fake explosives,” he said”.

A video posted on Twitter showed a group of more than a dozen men trying to control the man by throwing him on the pavement. One of them walked away with a knife. An armed police officer dragged another person away from the man lying on the ground. Soon, two shots were heard, and the man lying on the ground stopped moving.

The ambulance service announced a “major accident” in the area and closed the busy London Bridge Station. Security forces evacuated personnel from buildings around the scene to the north side of the Thames. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement: “I am constantly receiving reports of the London Bridge incident and would like to thank the police and all emergency services for their prompt response.””.

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